Our Philosophy

One of the best means of impacting the community is to partner with the organizations that are doing the most good. Working collaboratively we can be more effective than working alone. Therefore, most of our studios output surrounds art for public spaces or events, art that opens a dialogue between an organization and its supporters.

We see our artworks not as objects but as activities. We try to design with the experience of different groups of viewers in mind. What is the experience of those who have donated? What is the experience of the end-users of the space? What is the experience of the staff? Involvement in the design and creation of a piece of art not only allows one to be aware of the nuances of meaning but builds enthusiasm for the artwork and its message. We know this all too well from our personal experience as artists and wish to share it with others!

We are inspired by every organization and every member that has told us their story and we will continue expressing their message through our art. All of our artists wish to thank our clients for finding a home for our artwork!